Why Use a Realtor When Buying New Construction...
There are many very important reasons. Let us list a few.

Model homes have sales agents who represent the seller/builder directly and they have NO Fiduciary duty to you the buyer. Their job is quite simply put, to "make the sale".

When you are going to make a purchase that requires a substantial amount of money, Doesn't it make sense to have your own professional representation?

Let us list a few important points for you to consider when making a new home purchase....

1). You need your own professional representation when purchasing a new home. Your interests will be looked after, not just the sellers.

2). As Realtors we can help you untangle and understand the purchase contract, all attachments as well as addendum's, escrows, titles and other packages that are part of the transaction.

3). We can help you with obtaining financing that fits your needs. Many times the builders sales agent will try encourage you to obtain financing thru their own lender, which could lead to higher finance costs.
4). You will receive help in negotiating sales prices, and other conditions of the sale which often benefit the seller.

Model home sales people often prefer it when the buyer has professional representation because it makes it easier for them to concentrate on selling homes.

Now here is the best part of all.. in most cases, It does not cost you, the buyer, one cent to have us represent you in the purchase of a new home, nor does the builder add in the commission costs to your purchase price when you have professional representation. In most cases, the builder has already factored in sales commissions as one of their selling expenses. When you buy without professional representation, the builder gets to keep that sales commission and do not think for one minute they will credit your purchase price with their savings. That is extra profit for them.

Let us share a recent buyers experience when they purchased a new home without professional representation...
The developers sales people informed the buyers that there would not be any new building on those beautiful pristine hills behind their homes for at least 10 to 12 years. Now, less than 2 years after being told that, they have been notified that a builder is going to build up to 300 or more homes right  behind thier homes on those beautiful pristine hills. If a professional Realtor had been representing those buyers the sales people making those  representations would have been forced to put any material facts in writing and include them in the purchase contract. That is what we do. Protect and look out for our buyers best interests.

When you intend to purchase a new home, and desire professional representation, it is important that you have your Ken Bergren visit the sales office with you on your first visit and register Bergren Realty with them before asking for information.

When planning to visit any new home tract sales office in Chino Valley, Prescott and  Prescott Valley areas, contact Ken at Bergren Realty first. We would be happy to assist you with any new home purchase in these areas.
Ken Bergren
Ken Bergren